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September 11, 2020 (20:30 – 22:30)

*Please note that this concert is substituting Tenebrae’s performance, that was postponed to SEMF 2021.

Captivating Lasso 

ORLANDO DI LASSO (1532–1594) 

Audi, benigne conditor 


Il est jour 

ORLANDO DI LASSO (1532–1594) 

Magnificat 38 Secundi Toni ”Il est jour” 

THOMAS WEELKES (1576–1623) 

Hark, all ye lovely saints above 

ORLANDO DI LASSO (1532–1594) 

In octavis paschae hymnus – Ad coenam agni providi 

KAROL BEFFA (*1973) 

Je vis, je meurs 

(Dikt av • Poem by Louise Labé 1524–1566) 

ORLANDO DI LASSO (1532–1594) 

Un triste coeur 

ANDREA GABRIELI (1532/33–1585) 

I’ vo piangendo 

(Dikt av • Poem by Petrarca) 

ORLANDO DI LASSO (1532–1594) 

In adventu domini hymnus – Conditor alme siderum 


O magnum mysterium 


ORLANDO DI LASSO (1532–1594) 

In festo Purificationis deiparae virginis hymnus – Ave maris stella 

ORLANDO DI LASSO (1532–1594) 

O salutaris hostia 

IVAN MOODY (*1964) 

Supplication for peace 

GIACHET BERCHEM (1505–1567) 

O s’io potessi donna 

ORLANDO DI LASSO (1532–1594) 

Magnificat 50 secundi toni ”O s’io potessi donna” 

CIPRIANO DE RORE (1515-1565) 

Da le belle contrade 

ORLANDO DI LASSO (1532-1594) 

Magnificat 81 ”Da le belle contrade” 

Beräknad sluttid 22.30 • Estimated finishing time 10.30 PM 

With Orlando di Lasso´s splendid music as backbone, Die Singphoniker build a cathedral of sound setting the master´s music in context with madrigals by his peers and spice the soundspace with selected 20th century composers, like modern stained glass windows in a gothic church. The razor-sharp and catchy five-voice German vocal ensemble, Die Singphoniker, has been in existence for over a quarter of a century and published more than thirty CDs.

In cooperation with the Embassy of Germany

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